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When you visit Physician Family Pharmacy Compound + Clinic , you’re taking care of yourself and your neighborhood, too! Our commitment to the community extends well beyond the pharmacy counter. Our Pharmacy founder, notes , “I have to give back to the community that’s given me such a great opportunity.” She adds, “I find it incredibly rewarding to be involved and to be a volunteer.”
We believe that small businesses thrive when their local communities are healthy, too, and we’re humbled by the chance to give back to the area which has supported us. Physician Family Compound + Clinic partnerships with local organizations include mentoring students at area schools, and serving on the board for numerous local non-profit organizations. Physician Family Pharmacy Compound + Clinic also enjoys collaborating with many community Foundation, the Homeless Coalition Of Palm Beach County and more.

Physician Family Pharmacy Compound +Clinic Cares

We believe that a strong, thriving neighborhood is the foundation of our society.

We want to make sure our community stays happy and healthy! Do you have an event for us to participate in? Let’s see how we can make a difference together.

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