For Caregivers

We know caring for loved ones alone can be hard. Let our team of caring professionals help.

We’ll Deliver Your Prescriptions

Eliminate unnecessary errands. Do you drive to the pharmacy more than twice a month or maybe even weekly? Let us deliver. It’s free.

Our Med Sync Program

Simple and convenient. Have your medicines arrive on the same day each month to keep your medications in sync.More about Med Sync > »

Care Call Reminders

Our personal care calls make sure that the right medications are taken at the right time. A friendly reminder it’s time to fill your medications.

Pharmacist Accessibility

Our pharmacists are friendly, compassionate, and experienced. They are here to be your personal health care champion!

Home Visits

Our staff will come to your home when necessary to reconcile your medications or provide education.

Medication Lists on Demand

An updated medication list in your hand for you and your doctors’ convenience.
“Physician Family Pharmacy Compound & Mini Clinic was by my side when I was caring
for my mother. From helping to
manage meds to home visits, they were
always available. It made it so much
easier to focus on spending time with
her instead of trying to manage her
-Kathi, Daughter + Mom

Add pfpharmacy to Your Team

We’ll help you transfer or get a new prescription for you or your loved one. We’re
happy to tell you about our services and how we can help.

Our Top Priority Is You

Our team offers care that is comprehensive and accessible. Our providers keep the patient at the center of their focus.
We are a team of the top doctors, nurses, and pharmacists in the Asheville area, and we want to meet you.