Insurance + Payment

Your co-pays at PfPharmacy are typically the same as they would be at most major chain pharmacies. But the service isn’t even close.

We accept all major insurance coverage. If for some reason we haven’t contracted with your provider yet, we will work on your behalf to make sure you’re covered.

Not sure? Give us a call.



PFPharmacy accepts almost all insurance plans. The only way to know for sure is to bring your insurance card by or give us a call. Very rarely there will be an insurance plan that we do not yet accept, but in these cases we can call the insurance plan and set you up so that your prescriptions are covered.

PFPharmacy Clinic accepts all insurance policies. However, some companies require prior authorization for the patient to be seen by a physician other than their designated primary care physician. We will work with you and your insurance company to get you the medical care that you need. If you have questions about your insurance or payment, please feel free to call us before you schedule your visit.


Don’t have insurance and need to see the doctor?  We offer great self-pay rates (due at the time of service) for direct care and can work with you to find affordable treatment. Contact us for more information.

Accepted Forms of Payment

– Visa
– Mastercard
– Discover
– American Express
– Apple Pay
– Personal Checks
– Cash

Questions about payments or insurance?

Let our team of professionals help you navigate the ins and outs of health care. We’ll
help you get the best value out of every dollar you spend.