“Our Access Program is dedicated to
increasing your patients’ medication
adherence and to helping them live
independently longer.”

– Tasha, Pfpharmacy Access Pharmacist

Pfpharmacy Access for Providers

When it comes to helping patients manage medications, we have the years of experience and the expertise that you need.

Our referral-based Access Program is ideal for patients having difficulty managing complex medication regimens on their own. Whether your patients’ barriers to adherence are physical, financial, or cognitive, partnering with our Access Program can help.

Pfpharmacy Access Enrollment Form

Find out more about who Access was designed for and what the advantages are for patients on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We strive to keep our customers at home, independent and healthy. Our staff’s dedication to customer service and patient well-being, in combination with our local same-day delivery service, means that we are an effective medication management partner. – Tasha, Physician Family Pharmacy Compound & Mini Clinic Access Pharmacist

Our Access Program

Free Home Delivery

We offer delivery to patients’ homes within a 45 minute radius of our location for no additional cost. We customize delivery days and packaging to meet our patients’ needs.Read More »

Care Calls

Our specially-trained staff of certified pharmacy technicians will proactively call patients each month prior to their cycle fill date to review their current needs and assess their medication compliance. We will also call patients as needed before and after doctor appointments to follow-up on any medication changes.Read More »

Medication Reconciliation

We provide patients with up-to-date pocket medication lists for more efficient office visits, avoidance of drug interactions, and better patient care.Read More »

Medication Synchronization

Our synchronization program and patient care calls ease the burden of your office staff receiving multiple phone calls a month from the same patient.Read More »

Let's get better

We believe that together, we can make health care better. By providing an innovative alternative to chain pharmacies, Physician Family Pharmacy Compound & Mini Clinic is a place where patient’s healthcare needs are met with service, quality, and convenience – where they matter most.