Pharmacogenetic/Personalized Medication Review

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing allows you to understand how your genes affect your body’s response to specific medications, and can help your health care provider determine the best medication for you. Because your genes do not change, you will only need this test once!

The Rxight PGx test can tell you how your body will process over 200 prescription and OTC products including medications for: blood thinners, diabetes, depression/anxiety, cholesterol and much more.

Steps for Pharmacogenetic testing:

1. Obtain a signed order form from you health care provider. Call Physician Family Pharmacy Compound & Mini Clinic Pharmacy if you need help with this form.

2. Schedule appt via 10to8 (link below)

3. Meet with a Physician Family Pharmacy Compound & Mini Clinic pharmacist to purchase your Rxight test kit and provide a simple mouth swab sample.

4. Schedule to meet with a certified pharmacists for your Personalized Medication Review (PMR).
This will cover your PGx results, and what these results mean for you.



Cost: $399 for the test and PMR review with a pharmacist

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