Our Philosophy

Physician Family Pharmacy provides comprehensive health care, including pharmacy and primary care services that are personalized, efficient, and collaborative.


To provide an innovative alternative to chain pharmacies and traditional clinics – a place where your health care needs are met with service, quality, and convenience – where our patients matter most.


We are dedicated to our patients, period. We honor your time, your money, and our relationship with you and your family. We want our patients to do better: feel better, spend their time better, and get a better value from each health care dollar they spend.

Availability, Affordability, Quality, Customer Service, Patient Care

Listening is at the heart of everything we do – listening to our patients about what they need from health care, listening to our community about what it needs, and listening to our providers about how they want to interact with patients.

Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists Working Together.

Become A Patient Today.

We’ll help you transfer or get a new prescription for you or your loved one. We’re happy to tell you about our services and how we can help.

Great Talent Means Great Care

Our innovative model offers Greenacres and Pembroke Pines the first pharmacy that provides primary care and pharmaceutical services under one roof.

We are an experienced team of providers, offering personalized and comprehensive care that keeps the patient at the center of everything we do.