Protect yourself and your family with the information you need and the convenience you deserve.

Vaccines are safe and effective at preventing serious illnesses, but we all have questions about how to best protect our families. Our team of specially-trained professionals is here to administer your vaccines and talk you through the best way to keep your family healthy.

Questions About Vaccines?

Our pharmacists can determine which vaccines you should receive based on your age and/or disease states. We have a private office area for medication counseling and vaccine administration.

Need a Vaccine Without a Prescription?

Just let us know which vaccine you would like to receive and we will contact your provider for you if necessary. We can bill most insurances for most vaccines. Flu and pneumonia vaccines are usually free for Medicare patients.

Vaccinations administered to adults WITHOUT a prescription:

– Flu vaccine *
– Shingles vaccine **
– Pneumonia vaccine
– Tetanus (Td) vaccine
– Tetanus with ‘whooping
cough’ (Tdap) vaccine
– Hepatitis B vaccine
– Meningitis vaccine

*(can administer to 14 years of age
and older without a prescription)
**(50-59 years of age requires a
prescription, 60 years of age and older does not)

Questions about cost?

If you have questions about the cost of a vaccine, please call us at (800) 501-9817 and
we will happy to help you.